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Enjoying Nature in James City County Virginia Parks

Bored of the modern city life that crowded by buildings everywhere? Do you wish to have a moment of wildlife atmosphere to spend your spare time? Well, why do not you let the breeze touches your hair and the sun kisses your skin by visiting parks in James City County? James City County Virginia has several parks that let you enjoy the fresh air from the well-maintained natures. Chickahominy Riverfront Park, Freedom Park, and Jamestown Beach Event Park are the best park to be visited during your relax period.

It is mandatory to have your mind rejuvenated after the mind stressing activities at work. Chickahominy Riverfront Park is the great choice for you to build a tent and spend a night near the river view. This park offers you mind blowing scenery with many of green elements of the trees surrounding. You can absolutely spend your quality time with yourself, having a me time and just breathe the fresh air. Or, if you like beach, you may want to visit to Jamestown Beach Event Park. You can open your picnic basket and please your eyes with the beach view while eating your sandwich.

Williamsburg Botanical GardenOr another alternative, you can certainly bring your whole family or friends there to do camping together, sharing each other stories while eating marshmallows for desert. Apart from the warm yet cool ambience of the greeny nature, Freedom Park is the one which serves you with the historical stories. This park was used to be the location of one on the America nation’s initial Free Black Settlements since 1803 to 1850. There are several stuffs that related to the authentic period. The park is also consisted of multi purposes trails that you can use as walking or biking trails. While you are in Freedom Park, you can visit the http://bengkelbola.org site, 18th Century cemetery, forests, and the Williamsburg Botanical Garden.

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